Lady Gaga-Top Spot

From an unknown girl Stefani Germanotta to the holder of the contemporary music scene

Controversial singer Lady Gaga has managed it for what many thought was impossible.
She overtook the first place from the legendary presenter Oprah Winfield on “Forbes” list of most powerful people in show business.
In one year, Lady Gaga has succeeded to climb even five places over and left behind not only Oprah, but also powerful men such as Donald Trump and many stars such as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Elton John…
Lady Gaga is the spring force ousted this year thanks to her power when it comes to social networks and media. She uses Twitter and Facebook in order to collect the fans that she called” little monsters.
“It is the best example of how ‘stars’ should develop their careers next year,” said the editor of “Forbes” Dorothy Pomeranc.
Success, the Lady Gaga has achieved for just a few years , from an unknown girl Stefani Germanotta to the holder of the contemporary music scene, was swift and meaningful.
Thanks to her eccentric behavior and above all, visual identity, which few can match, Lady Gaga is addressing to her growing army of fans, that it is ok to be gay, misunderstood, different, rejected by others and it’s worked.
The numbers are on her side.
Facts: about 32 million fans on Facebook and an amazing 10 million followers on Twitter.

Top 10 the most powerful people in show business

1.Lady Gaga, 25, singer
2.Oprah Winfield, 57, television personality
3.Justin Bieber, 17, singer
4.Band U2
5.Elton John, 54, musician, singer
6.Tiger Woods, 35, golfer
7.Taylor Swift, 21, Country Singer
8.Band Bon Jovi
9.Simon Cowell, 51, music producer
10.LeBron James, 26, basketball player

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Lady Gaga top spot
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