Tanner Foust, The Yellow Driver’s World Record

Hot Wheels

Tanner Foust, a member of the Hot Wheels Yellow Driver team, breaks the world record for . . . → Read More: Tanner Foust, The Yellow Driver’s World Record

Harold Camping -May 21,2011 Doomsday Prediction

Doomsday Prediction

May 21, 2011.The Judgment Day

The end of the world

The 2011 end times prediction made . . . → Read More: Harold Camping -May 21,2011 Doomsday Prediction

Some Facts About Facebook

There are 206.2 mill internet users in the U.S. That means 71,2% of the U.S. web audience is on Facebook. 57% people talk more online then they do in real life . . . → Read More: Some Facts About Facebook

Garbage Wallpapers

Child on garbage wallpaper

WE are presenting you a “nice” collection of garbage wallpapers. You should set some as your desktop background in order to reminds you what is the world we are living in. . . . → Read More: Garbage Wallpapers

World War 3 Beginning!!?


China, Japan and Germany express their concern about Pyongyang’s attack on the island of Yeonpyeong, and call on both parties to resolve their differences peacefully,Hm …Is it possible!!? VYQBVTFPP5FP . . . → Read More: World War 3 Beginning!!?

Six Wonders Of Salsa Dancing

Many people around the world are equally captivated by the salsa dance. In fact, salsa dancing is already one of the most popular forms of dances in the whole world. Many people coming from different places all see salsa as one good way to relieve stress and have a better life. However, there are also many people who think that salsa is not for them . . . → Read More: Six Wonders Of Salsa Dancing

Prophecy from Kremna


Prophecy from Kremna Predicting WWII

“All of Europe will be under the rule of the crooked cross. Russia will . . . → Read More: Prophecy from Kremna