Planes From The Future

Incredible plane design

Incredible Planes

How will flying as we know it look in the future? Imagine a personal plane that fits . . . → Read More: Planes From The Future

New Zodiac Sign:Ophiuchus

According to astronomers with the Minnesota Planetarium Society, the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth has caused the alignment of the stars to be pushed by about a month . . . → Read More: New Zodiac Sign:Ophiuchus

NASA Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical

GFAJ-1 microorganism

NASA-funded astrobiology research has changed the fundamental knowledge about what comprises all known life on Earth. . . . → Read More: NASA Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical

Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’


Famous scientists in music videos . . . → Read More: Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’

Einstein Inspires Creative Thinking


Albert Einstein has been called the most creative genius of the last century. He started his career as a patent office clerk. That means he spent a lot of time studying other people’s ideas and thinking about them. Einstein learned how to analyze creative ideas and examine them in his mind because he didn’t have a laboratory to test the ideas. . . . → Read More: Einstein Inspires Creative Thinking

The Oceans


Scientists have long understood the key role that oceans play in regulating the Earth’s climate. Oceans cover 70 percent of the globe and store a thousand times more heat than the atmosphere does. . . . → Read More: The Oceans

Heat Waves


It’s impossible to pin a single weather event on global warming, since weather fluctuates naturally. Trends, however, are a different story. Climate models predict a trend of more wild weather. Global warming loads the dice to roll “heat waves” or “intense rainstorms” more often than milder “warm days” or “gentle rains.” . . . → Read More: Heat Waves

Air Pollution


Smog forms when sunlight, heat and relatively stagnant air meet up with nitrogen oxides and various volatile organic compounds. Exposure to smog can do serious damage to our lungs and respiratory systems. Inflammation and irritation can cause shortness of breath, throat irritation, chest pains and coughing and lead to asthma attacks, hospital admissions and emergency room visits . . . → Read More: Air Pollution

The Arctic is warming up

arctica north pole view form space

The Arctic is critical to the globe’s climate and influence temperatures everywhere. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the Arctic plays a primary role in distributing heat around the world through what is known as the “heat pump.” . . . → Read More: The Arctic is warming up

Hotel In Space

space hotels

The Russian space group Energia, in partnership with America’s Orbital Technologies, have won the rights to build the world’s . . . → Read More: Hotel In Space