People are Awesome

Video of people doing amazing unbelievable things

The title pretty much says it all…

People are awesome brought to . . . → Read More: People are Awesome

People and Animals, Funny Photos

Kiss the horse

Photos are taken in interesting moments ,they look very tricky and can be understood in various ways,some of them looks cute some embarrassing . . . → Read More: People and Animals, Funny Photos

Some Facts About Facebook

There are 206.2 mill internet users in the U.S. That means 71,2% of the U.S. web audience is on Facebook. 57% people talk more online then they do in real life . . . → Read More: Some Facts About Facebook

Algeria Protests

Algeria protest have begone

Saturday’s demonstration, announced by the new Coordination Nationale pour le Changement et la Démocratie (CNCD — National Coordination for Change and Democracy), expected to take place in Algiers and several other cities . . . → Read More: Algeria Protests

Happy Incoming Holidays

Santanella WIP small5

Happy Incoming Holidays, all you gorgeous people!!! . . . → Read More: Happy Incoming Holidays

Six Wonders Of Salsa Dancing

Many people around the world are equally captivated by the salsa dance. In fact, salsa dancing is already one of the most popular forms of dances in the whole world. Many people coming from different places all see salsa as one good way to relieve stress and have a better life. However, there are also many people who think that salsa is not for them . . . → Read More: Six Wonders Of Salsa Dancing

Aphorisms Of Famous People


Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried. Winston Churchill . . . → Read More: Aphorisms Of Famous People

American Propaganda Posters WW2


Having sustained losses in World War I and only now coming out of an economic crisis, most Americans thought . . . → Read More: American Propaganda Posters WW2

Crazy tattoos gallery


Tattoos have been around since almost forever. The word itself is derived from the Tahitian/Samoan word tatau or tatu. . . . → Read More: Crazy tattoos gallery


futuristic nightmare

Cannibalism is one of the last real taboos of modern society. As such, it evokes a powerful mixture of . . . → Read More: Cannibalism