Topless and Exhibitionism

perfect body ready for topless

perfect body in blue bikini ready for topless


An act or state of exposing a female breast or breasts for display; especially to men; — applied to women only if they bare their breasts; as, topless bars.
In terms of sex, the absence or removal of clothing from the upper half of the body; in general, the absence or exclusion of clothing covering any portion of the human figure.


Exhibitionism is a sexual practice where the participants expose themselves or engage in public displays of nudity or semi-nudity. A person who engages in exhibitionism may do so for any number of reasons, including entertainment, erotic gratification, self-stimulation or to draw attention to oneself. The term may also be applied to a situation where the exposure occurs without consent in order to shame, embarrass, or otherwise humiliate the subject.

Topless dancing

A form of dance performed onstage while completely naked except for stockings.

Dancing girls

Dancing girls (also called nude dancers) are adult entertainers who perform fully nude.
In contemporary Western culture, a fashion show sometimes takes place at a nightclub or other social gathering. Typically, models walk down a runway while performing various poses and/or dances. Many times, some of the clothes worn by the models are extremely revealing. If the performers are not wearing underwear, they are commonly referred to as “topless”.

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