Adrianne Palicki Photos

Adrianne Palicki

I would love to do Broadway. I don’t think there’s anything more amazing than theater. OK, Supergirl is number one. Maybe I could be Supergirl on Broadway! That would be perfect . . . → Read More: Adrianne Palicki Photos

Incredibly Flexible Girl

Zlata the world's most flexible woman featured image

Zlata the world’s most flexible woman. She trains every day to amaze audiences around the world with her incredible flexibility. . . . → Read More: Incredibly Flexible Girl

Soviet Superwoman Is Made In US of A

Soviet from USA

I have a very dear lady friend I’ve never ever met in person, actually. Thanks to the Internet magic, lots of liaisons are created that were unthinkable in the old pre-www days, with ‘ordinary’ snail-mail ‘pen-pals’ remaining mostly just that – pen pals. . . . → Read More: Soviet Superwoman Is Made In US of A

How To Attract A Woman?

how to attract woman

If you want to be an Alpha male and want to know more about attracting girls to you, then you should understand the underlying concepts of the e-book. If you want to know more about how to get a girl to have sex with you then you should start focusing on your body language. . . . → Read More: How To Attract A Woman?

Sex Without Love


The pleasure is for only a moment and it passes like a dream and at the end thereof you find death through knowing it. — Egyptian Saying . . . → Read More: Sex Without Love

Morphy’s Laws 1

The research work is to read two books previously no one had read, and write a third, which no one will read. Get forgiveness now – tomorrow you may not feel guilty. Love – the ideal thing, marriage – a real, mixing real with the ideal never goes unpunished. (Goethe) When you smoke after sex, you are certainly doing it faster than usual. Virginity is curable. . . . → Read More: Morphy’s Laws 1



The tiny skirt shows no signs of disappearing. On the contrary, the miniskirt is still heavily featured on Western catwalks and in fashion magazines… . . . → Read More: Miniskirt

Blonde Jokes


How do you make a blonde’s eyes twinkle? Shine a flashlight in their ear.

What does a blond and . . . → Read More: Blonde Jokes

British Propaganda Posters WW2


Propaganda posters produced in Britain during the Second World War serve as important visual source material for historians. The . . . → Read More: British Propaganda Posters WW2