What Does it Take to Design a Tattoo

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Have you ever considered what it takes to design a tattoo? Have you ever wanted to design your own tattoo? Maybe you think you have what it takes to be a tattoo designer? All these questions can and will be answered in the following paragraphs.


Posted on the walls of hundred of tattoo shops in the world, are predesigned pictures ready to be inked on your skin. Equally static are the picture books, usually containing the same boring designs found on the walls of tired tattoo galleries. If you really want to find quality in your artist, you will be able to peruse as portfolio of hand picked favorites, chosen by the artist. Any self-respecting artist has a range of their proudest works available to look over.


Many designers never thought hey would be in the world of tattoos. They spent their lives doodling on papers, drawing for recreation, or even tucked away in the office of some architecture or advertising firm. The tattoo bug bit them and they transformed into creators of living art tattoo patterns. Real tattoo artists, like any artist, hone and polish their skills. They go to trade shows and compare their works against other artists. They research those that came before them, as well as the fine-tuning methods that help to create body art that pops off the skin. Artists with integrity will never do a tattoo on a drunken person or someone too young. They must have ethics. They use the cleanest and most hygienic tools and practices.


If you walk into a tattoo shop, you may find several artists working in conjunction. Like members on a sports team, there are always weaker and stronger players. A quality artist will help to improve the work of younger or lesser artists. A careful search through the different portfolios of each artist will help you see which one has the greatest vision. Some artists specialize in a specific motif. An artist might be famous for portrait tattoos, while another may be know for extraordinary dragon tattoos. One guy might be credited with Japanese tattoo perfection, and one girl will blow you away with her lotus flower power. The main point to recognize in this is that each of these artists has vision. They possess clarity in exactly what type of tattoo niche they want to offer.


As in any trade, if the artist does not have confidence, then they will eventually fall along the wayside. To design tattoos, one must trust their ability to draw or sketch. They must be able to see things that other artists do not. They have to explore the old and the new and the literal and the abstract. Above all, they have to present their ideas and works as professional, and be ready to stand behind their artistic choices. Otherwise they will be pushed into designing tattoos that no one else wants to do, and that is tragic.

Tattoo design is a matter for professionals. On www.magletattoo.com there is a collection of tattoo designs, review of tattoo designers, books and much more.

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