Morphy’s Laws 1

Morphy’s Laws
By Bad English

The research work is to read two books previously no one had read, and write a third, which no one will read.
Most needed is a quotation whose source could not be found.
If you steal one – this is plagiarism, if many – this study.
Originality – it’s good, but plagiarism is faster.
The fewer the facts, the more beautiful the scheme.
What is a fact today, tomorrow will be misleading.
Conclusion suggests itself becomes such only after it is made.
The best arguments – those that come later.
Each firm belief in its objectivity, and no one believes in someone else.
The more you work on your idea, the more convinced that she – a stranger.
If truth is too unpleasant or unexpected, it refused to believe
Of the progress in the past grow up the problem in the future.
Just as 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716
Complex problems are easy to understand wrong answers.
If something you initially failed, destroy all evidence that you tried to do it.
If it can not be expressed in figures, it is not – science, it is – opinion.
You can not beat the law of conservation of energy, but you can haggle.
Experience teaches us to recognize mistakes, we repeat them.
Experience – this is the name we give our mistakes.
3×10 ^ 5 km / sec. This is not just a good idea. This is – the law.
Causes of problems are solutions.
During the difficult decision should always be a simple explanation
Science asks why. I ask why not.
All lung problems are solved.
Dangerous exercise: jump to conclusions.
First get the facts – you can distort them and later!
Enough research to support your theory.


People accept as truth that limit, which is available to them
Philosophy gives a person what he loses, doing it
Little talent does not make sense is deeply buried.
Scientist fool strikes narrowness of research uneducated – scope of work.
Exception – a rule that waits in the wings.
My ignorance is not dangerous, it is unscientific.
In the mutual exposures of truth is born.
The principal criticism from all sides – this is harassment.

Of course, about sex here – for effect, in most cases, it’s still more about the feelings and the interaction between man and woman.
Or between woman and man.

With age, nothing improves.
Nothing can be double, because nothing is exactly as last time.
In sex there is no calories.
Sex takes a minimum of time and brings much of a hassle
Sexual attraction can be cured only by increasing the dose of sex.

Sex with everyone in the same office, is undesirable.
Sex is like snow. You never know how many inches will fall and how long it will last
One man at home two more in the street.

Virginity is curable.
When the wife learns to understand her husband, she usually stops listening to him.
Do not sleep with more crazy than you.
What attracts a woman, usually with the years pass.
Correct sex is dirty.
It always starts at the worst possible day of the month.
The best tool for keeping a man – your hands.
When the candles were extinguished, and women become more beautiful.
Sex – it’s hereditary. If your parents do not engage them, then you’re unlikely to get such an opportunity.

Love game, unlike all other games will never be canceled because of darkness.
The cause of all problems in the Garden of Eden – the two men, rather than an apple.

Before you find your Yelena the Beautiful, you have to kiss many frogs.
There are things that are worse than sex. There may be things that are better than sex. But there is nothing exactly like the sex.
Love your neighbor (your neighbor), but do not get caught.
Love – is a hole of a heart donuts.

Choose your science: physics – it is sex, love – it’s chemistry.

You can not produce the child for a month. Even if you fertilize 9 women.
Love – a triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Change can only be in the mood.
Never go to bed with a woman who has more problems than you .
Abstain from wine, women and song. Mostly from the songs.
Never argue with a tired woman.

Power of damage depends not only on the length of the magic wand.

Never say “no”

Sex – one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant.

Love – it is a delusion that one woman differs from another.
Do not play leapfrog with a rhinoceros.

Love is a form of temporary insanity, curable only by marriage.

Man desire for sex sometimes ends intimacy. Woman’s desire for intimacy often leads to sex.

You have no right to keep a good man down. (Doctrines Dangle)
From the close relationship the children come.
Celibacy – the most unnatural of perversion.
Life – a disease transmitted sexually with one hundred percent fatal.
The best way to get rid of temptation – is to succumb to it …
Dance – a vertical demonstration of horizontal desire.
Love – which means to say “I’m sorry” every 5 minutes.
Get forgiveness now – tomorrow you may not feel guilty.
The seven worst sins – all nice things in a small list.
9 out of 10 dentists recommend oral sex …
Conscience does not safeguard against sin. It prevents having fun.
Harp – a nude piano.

When you smoke after sex, you are certainly doing it faster than usual.
I think that sex is better than logic, but can not prove it.

Quotes of the classics about love and sex

Marriage, if we say the truth, evil, but evil is necessary. (Socrates)

Chaste one that nobody wanted. (Ovid)
We always strive for the forbidden and wish ill. (Ovid)
Love – the ideal thing, marriage – a real, mixing real with the ideal never goes unpunished. (Goethe)

There are few decent women who have not tired of their virtue. (La Rochefoucauld)
Fully devote one vice, we usually prevents only that they have several. (La Rochefoucauld)

Love, money and care can not be concealed. (Lope de Vega)

It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it. (Franklin)

All lovers swear to fulfill more than they can, but do not perform even possible. (Shakespeare)
Busy people once looking at women. (A. Dumas)
Man forgives and forgets. Woman forgives – and nothing more. (Zherfo)
Bride – a woman whose views on happiness are left behind. (A. Bierce)
Women are rarely wrong in their judgments about each other. (Christie)
Puritanism – the fear that someone somewhere may be happy. (H. L. Mencken)

Nothing so interferes with the novel as a sense of humor in women and its absence in men. (Wilde)

Love – reassessment of sexual impulse

Anyone who can manage a woman, and cope with the state (Balzac)

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