Cartoons, Once Again, Are My Life…But They Better Be Funny

by Alexa Ferotina

I love to wax nostalgic, thinking back to being a toddler, and, yes, I do remember, and watching Popeye on television. He was my idol and saint. Bluto was the devil. I fantasized being Olive Oyl, the damsel in distress, always fought over and always saved by you know who.

Then came the Peanuts gang and I was in love with Snoopy. Charlie was cute, but I promised if I ever had a dog, it would be just like Snoopy.

As I became more cartoon-savvy, I started searching for yet more gems in print, which, as a teen, led me to Mad Magazine, Cracked Magazine, and even Playboy (would you believe I was one of the few who read Playboy for the cartoons); okay there was a little more to it than just the cartoons, but I found them very funny. Especially cartoons by Gahan Wilson.

After awhile, I put cartoons aside to get on with real life, and, when I had the time, would take the time to find a funny one, which was not easy. My tastes were changing, and the cartoonists, and apparently other newspaper readers were not.

The Far Side finally got published. Once again, I was hooked on cartoons during the entire 1980′s and part of the 1990′s. Even on his worst days, Gary Larson found a way to make me laugh. A good Far Side, and they were usually very good, if not excellent, cut to the chase, and in a tiny one panel frame, told me more than the entire editorial page could convey in any newspaper. I was a happy camper. Then Gary Larson retired. I remember how deep my depression was that day. I went to the bookstore and bought about ten mugs, greeting cards, and other items, all containing Far Side cartoons.

I didn’t give up however. A few Far Side copycats were right on the scene such as Rubes, Close To Home, Strange Brew, and a few others. Then came Speed Bump by Dave Coverly, as funny as Far Side, sprinkled with a bit more sophistication.

Enter humor master Rick London founder of Londons Times Cartoons; now, the top offbeat cartoon on the Internet. I have been following Rick’s creative ventures since 1997 when he launched this incredibly funny cartoon. There were less than 100 color cartoons up by 1998. By 2005, he had over 6500 cartoons up (mostly color) and now has nearly 8000. His critically-acclaimed site deserves merit beyond simple creativity. It is ingenious and even the media seems to agree. It is rare I do not get a laugh from this amazing master of humor. I absolutely love Londons Times Cartoons.

As if the cartoon site itself were not enough, he has also launched numerous niche stores which sell his image products; LTSuperstore, RickLondonWear, RickLondonCollection, JustFunnyAprons, JustFunnyHoodies, JustFunnyGreetingCards, MirthGirthBirth, AThongInMyHeart, JustFunnyMousepads, and others. The funny gifts and collectibles are as funny if not funnier than the cartoons. I order gifts constantly from them for friends (and always one for me).

I cannot say enough about Londons Times Cartoons and Rick London. If you’ve not seen his cartoon site, or stores, I highly recommend to do so now.

Freelance website reviewer Alexa Ferotina highly recommends Londons Times Cartoons and funny gifts and products by Rick London. ( Click here for the official Londons Times Cartoon Site


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