The Funniest Six Single-Panel Cartoons On The Internet

by Alexa Ferotina

When it comes to humor, what rules? You might be surprised that more people view newspaper and Internet cartoons than all the funny movies, sitcoms, late night shows, and stand-up comedians put together.

This should actually come as no surprise. In today’s fast-paced world, many simply do not have time to get their “humor fix” within a thirty minute or hour period. If you really think about it, even when listening to a joke, these days, in person, if it goes beyond twenty to thirty seconds, they have lost you.

Cartoons tell the whole story fast, and a good cartoon tells it faster and funnier than a bad one. and, it may take a few more seconds for the reader to “get it,” based on their own “laughter quotient,” but it can be quite satisfying, and does the trick. Even modern medicine agrees that surrounding oneself with good cartoon humor can boost the immune system, as laughter releases endorphins that help protect it.

Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying. I continue to watch Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Conan, or reruns of great old sitcoms when I can. They are all very funny, to me, and many others, and I have to see a film in the genre of “Harold And Maude,” “Something About Mary” or even an Austin Powers once in a while. But that takes timing and scheduling, luxuries I don’t have as much of as I once did.

Meantime, in today’s world, which is loaded with both joys and disappointments daily, it is nice, no pertinent to have a quick humor fix. No other venue can do that like a cartoon, specifically a single panel cartoon, which, if not wordy, does the trick fast and furious.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite single-panel cartoons in the order of which I think they satisfy and/or are the funniest. Of course all humor is subjective, so you may have another take on it. In any case, these are my top 6 choices. Londons Times Cartoons is one you might want to bookmark as there are over 8000 cartoons by Rick London and they are funny. Off TheMark by Mark Parisi also has a large inventory but not quite the size as Londons Times. Londons Times are 99% in color, which I also enjoy very much.

1. Londons Times Cartoons 2. Speed Bump 3. Rubes 4. Off The Mark 5. Dr. Fun 6. Strange Brew

Alexa Ferotina is a website critic and is very fond of Internet cartoons, particularly off-the-wall cartoon Internet cartoons. ( Alexa Ferotina Rates Londons Times Cartoons By Rick London As Number One. Click Here To View


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