Dark Brain Comics Get a Serbian

Grace Comes Home

There is an intrepid online comics publisher www.darkbrain.com that celebrates its first anniversary at the moment. Their several titles are soon to be published in printed form also – in the meantime they’re available FOR FREE online, but not only as a reading matter!

This is an unique new form of sequential art where visual storytelling is supported with sound, music and voice-overs.

Publisher, writer/plotter and Editor-in-Chief of DARKBRAIN COMICS Andrew Zar has signed-on a new artist from Serbia, Boyann (Bojan M. Đukić) to be the third penciler from issue #5 of the Sci-Fi/Horror drama GRACE COMES HOME.

You can check out the DB world on http://darkbraincomics.deviantart.com/ too.


Grace and Sparky Duke

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