Prophecy from Kremna

Prophecy from Kremna
Predicting WWII

“All of Europe will be under the rule of the crooked cross. Russia will not be involved until the aggressor’s army attacks her. At that time, Russia will be ruled by the ‘red tsar’. Russia will unite with the countries across the seas, and together with them, will destroy the crooked cross and liberate all the enslaved people of Europe.”
Post-War Period

“Then, there will be peace, and across the world, many new countries will emerge. Some black, some white, some red, and some yellow. Some kind of elected court will be created, which will prevent countries from going against each other. That elected court will be above all nations. In places where war would break out, this court would arbitrate and restore peace. After a while, some small and large countries will stop respecting this court. They will say that they respect this court, but in reality, they will do what they wish.”

Future Warstarabic_juce_wwi

“After the second great war, people will not fight with such intensity for a long time. There will be wars, but they will be smaller wars. Thousands and thousands will be dying in these small wars, but the world war will not happen yet.”

The Middle East

“There will be some wars near the country of Judea, but little by little, peace will come in that area. In these wars, brother will fight against brother, but then they will make peace. However, hate will still remain within themselves. A period of relative peace will continue for a long time.”


tarabic_milicodmacve “Some kind of disease will spread all over the world, and nobody will be able to find a cure for it. In their search for the cure… people will try all kinds of things, but not find the cure. In reality, the cure will be all around them, and inside them as well.”


“Man will build a box with some machine in it that makes images. People will be able to see what is happening everywhere in the entire world.” tarabic_house

Drilling in the Earth

“People will drill wells in the ground and pump some kind of gold, which will produce light, speed, and power. The Earth will weep because of that. Man will not know that moe energy and light exists on the surface of the Earth. Only after many years, people will discover this, and they were fools to be drilling holes in the ground.”

tarabic_sutra_mijajlo Also place where they lived is strange its 800+ meters above sea level also mountain is full of titan and have some strange energy circulation also place is unable to be photographed with satellites because of that strange energy. People that live there are family with Mitar and Milos Tarabic and they say they never get sick or they heaved some medical problems. Also they confirmed a strange energy and they say that energy can be sensed. Also they told 400-500 years in the past people that where born here they have these abilities to predict a future.
There is a book called Prophecy from Kremna i dont know is there English version but in that book are all their writings about future of the world and Serbian people. My mother read that book long ago and she told me in the end of the book they told like this ” There will be so much Serbian people that they can all stand below a on tree”:(. Also they told there will be wars but some man will come from the East on the white horse and he will say ” Wars should stop the God is on heaven and King is here on the earth then peace will come”.

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