Power-Kids are No More! — Arise, The MIGHT3KIDS!!!

power kids small

Let the breathlessly awaiting world know that I`ve stabbed the banner on this hilltop or I need to do some administration and handsomely pay for the protection of the name and the privilege to own it..? . . . → Read More: Power-Kids are No More! — Arise, The MIGHT3KIDS!!!

Happy Incoming Holidays

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Happy Incoming Holidays, all you gorgeous people!!! . . . → Read More: Happy Incoming Holidays

Happy Halloween Power Kids


Now… my approach to drawing: it’s the same for everything I draw. I do several sketches, more to warm-up and find the feel of the concept. Then I commence with doing the initial rough, usually in color pencil – blue or red is the most frequent choice . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween Power Kids