How to Look Cool And Stylish In The Dance Studio

If you are a dancer or you are thinking about taking a ballet, tap or any other dance class you may have a few questions in your mind about your dance wardrobe. It can be hard to figure out just what to wear in a class if there is no dress code and it can become even more difficult to feel cool and stylish if there is a restrictive dress code.

One rule of thumb to remember is that it is important to be comfortable.There is nothing worse than feeling your top riding up and having to pull it down all the time or your straps are too loose and having to keep lifting them back over your shoulders! Next stick to the dress code if there is one. There is nothing less cool and embarassing than being singled out because you are the only one wearing a black leotard instead of a blue one or vice versa.

It is also good to remember that a dress code can help you stress less about what you are wearing and focus on improving your dancing so that you end up looking like the coolest one because you can do the most pirouettes.

One aspect of looking cool in the studio is always ensuring you are wearing clean dancewear, especially tights. A clean and fresh pair of tights everytime will always look more presentable than a pair of tights that is dirty or worn out. Runs in your tights is also one of the quickest ways to ruin a cool and pulled together appearance. Invest in new pairs of tights often over an expensive leotard. Another way to always look stylish and cool is to keep a sewing kit handy in your dance bag in case a strap breaks on your ballet shoes for example. This will prevent you from dancing in your tights without your shoes.

Keeping your hair neat and tidy and pulled up and off of your face is also another essential to looking cool in dance class.

A capsule dancewear wardrobe of basics which work accross all dance styles such as black jazz pants, a simple black top and a plain hoodie to keep warm after the class is all you need if you are just starting out. As you progress or take more classes per week you will need a change of clothes.

If you really want to add some pizzaz to your dance wardrobe take a look at the amazing array of dancewear available online. You will be amazed!

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