Judgment Day-False Prophecy

BEHOLD the end of the world will come, SOMEDAY!!!

After an almost two month of hysteria and countless number of articles about judgment day, may 21st is gone and nothing has happened.
I have the impression that certain people almost feel sorry about that .
In fact some have earned money by attracting attention on their false prophecies.
So, now we can expect some new date for doomsday or judgment day,even now, some dates are already mentioned.
I saw some new headlines such “The End of The World 2011 still coming October 21st” .
Some like to be scared and some like to scare others(especially if they can earn on it) ,so that circle is always closed.
Since we don’t believe in such a hysterical and stupid approach to life, we can just have fun with all that.
Take a look at some judgment day images just to waste a little more of your precious time.
BEHOLD the end of the world will come, SOMEDAY!!!

end of the world
Judgment Day Internet Party
May 21st
dooms day preparation
dark future
asteroid impact
Soenderborg Medieval Painting
futuristic scenario

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