Sasha Grey Done With Porn

She Refuses to Play Any Sex-Related Roles

“There wasn’t anything left for me to do. I accomplished all of my goals and the next would be to produce/direct movies from my own production company.”

“From now on I will not be playing roles where I play a version of myself, or a hooker, for a very long time,” she vowed. “I think ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ and ‘Entourage’ were the best places to play those two roles and it can’t get any better. I don’t want to repeat myself, and I think if I continue to take those types of roles I will only be given those roles.”

“I’m working on my band ,entitled aTelecine, and we’re coming out with an album called the ‘Falcon in the Pod,’” she said. “It is experimental noise, a hybrid of a few sounds we’ve been developing for the record.”

“People think that we’re dumb girls that were victims of abuse, strung out on drugs, that we don’t know what we are doing, and aren’t business-minded. I was very aware of when I got started and kept in mind it was a possibility I would meet people like this,” she continued. “But the reality is that there are a huge amount of women who are very happy with their careers and where they have gone in their lives. It’s a shame we don’t hear the positive stories anymore. I was not in a Linda Lovelace situation, and it’s a shame that positive ones don’t get more exposure.”
“I’m pretty funny, it’s one of those things. People say ‘you’re so serious’, even friends of my friends,” Grey added. “But I just take what I do seriously, and when I decide to take on a project I put my heart and soul into it. But you really have to know me to get that funny side.”

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