Public Toilet Amazing Graffiti Designs

Toilet Drawings

Messages on lavatory walls and stalls can be entertaining, disgusting, beautiful and confusing. Sometimes messages, or replies to other messages, can be downright witty – even when the subject matter is distasteful. Being in a public toilet, after all, is acknowledging that human beings must share in practices which are not considered to be appropriate conversation in polite company.
Even more valid is the question of how the artist managed to stay in the stall long enough to finish her piece without arousing suspicion or anger from impatient bathroom-goers. Nevertheless, drawings of all kinds are to be found in some lavatories. Some are simple marker or pencil drawings. Others are colorful and lively and may have required quite a few art materials, smuggled in.
The public toilet is the great filter for people of all political persuasions. Liberals, conservatives, communists, fascists, Neo-Nazis, anarchists, vegans and others do not shy away from expressing their opinions in toilets.

Amazing toilet drawings
Amazing toilet drawings 1
Amazing toilet drawings 2
Amazing toilet drawings 3
Amazing toilet drawings 4
Amazing toilet drawings 5
Amazing toilet drawings 6
Amazing toilet drawings 7
Amazing toilet drawings 8
Amazing toilet drawings 9

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