My Computer Doesn’t Work

Can anybody tell me why my computer doesn’t work?

dirty computer
dirty computer 2
dirty computer 3
dusty and dirty
dusty PC
dirty PC
computer in dirt
dusty PC failure
what is wrong here
computer malfunction

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4 comments to My Computer Doesn’t Work

  • c1v

    Well, the dust isn’t brought by smoking. I dont know if anyone claims that. However, if a layer of dust builds up on an air passageway, and THEN you smoke, what happens is the dust creates a very fine filter, which actually strains the gunk you are smoking FROM the air. Which can create a very nasty problem as the gunk clings to this dust-made ‘filter’. However, if no substantial dust has collected and you smoke, this effect wouldn’t be noticed, and very little of the smoke gunk would stick to the insides, just a micro film that would likely never be noticed.

    So if you intend to smoke around your computers, keep that in mind. If its already pretty dusty you could have yourself a serious mess.

  • Just like V1c Said, there are a lot of things that contribute to dusty pc’s, Location is another thing. On the floor, on the desk, in a Cabinet or in a cryogenic vacuum chamber. either way, anyway that’s a lot of dust!

  • lonnie

    My brother returned to me a computer I built for him 6 months later that looked almost as bad as that one except it was fine dirt that covered everything. It fried the motherboard. I was sad.

  • v1c

    Before someone decides to post the old boring comment of the dust bunnies being caused by heavy smokers,they are not, main cause of dust bunnies are fluffy carpets and bad filtering on vacuum cleaners, mother in-law brings her pc’s to me for maintenance every 4 to 6 months and she’s very bitchy about people smoking in her place and at least 1/2 of the dusty stuff you see on those pics are present on her machines every single time. And yes I’m a heavy smoker and my rig is right next to me, but my room doesn’t have any carpet. The machine will barely get to the point of dusty film every other month but nothing that a bottle of canned air wouldn’t fix :P

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