What’s Wrong Here? Photoshop fails.

Extra hands seem to be one of the most common Photoshop bloopers.

Phantom Hand

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

Fail photoshop

Women in lumpy sweatshirts don’t sell products.

fail retouched image

Fake Check. Spelling “hundred” wrong doesn’t take away from the legitimacy at all.

Wrong Spelling check

Perhaps they’re sending the message that if we use their eye drops, we, too, will be too blind to see glaring mistakes like missing limbs.

Missing limbs

What’s wrong here?

campari photoshoped ad image

This is from an advertisement in a flayer that was recently delivered to my house. What’s wrong here?

Photoshoped flayer

Upside down bikini

Take a look at the bottom half of this one-shoulder bikini, and you will know what the fuss is all about

photoshop fail bikini image

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