Seth Green Digitally and Sonically Erased

“Mars Needs Moms”

“During production, the star acted as he would in any performance-capture movie, which requires actors to move in special sensor-equipped suits. Green spent six weeks outfitted in a uniform while also simultaneously performing his lines. But during the post-production process, in which animators used computer imaging to shape the character, filmmakers noticed that Green was able to physically embody a 9-year-old — imitating the movements and behaviors of a child — but his voice sounded too mature for the character.”
Green therefore spent weeks in motion-capture dots, prancing to and fro, for a performance that no one will hear or see.
Green is still doing publicity for the film he’s been mostly erased from.
“I don’t feel like I’ve been replaced or like my performance is invisible. It wasn’t like I did anything wrong and someone was saying my performance wasn’t good,” said Green.

Seth Green character

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