Body Painting – A New Fashion For Bikini

Body Painting

Body painting is now some thing of a trend currently. It seems that from the time of Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret released their swimsuit calendars with body painting bikinis, this modern style of ‘personal’ art work has become a sensation the whole world around. There are even craft shows that are usually exposing the art work finished with body painting techniques. It is awesome to find out what you can do these days, and the paintings tends to stay on the sensual part of the spectrum, as a result of natural requirement for the entire body to be naked to ensure that the body painting to take shape.

Body painting is a daring new form of artwork and has most popularly been taken to the bikini. Women are naturally naked—completely naked—when the body painting is done. When completed the body painting makes the bikini look completely real, as least from a certain distance. While it is not considered actually clothing, it has become accepted for female models to be able to ‘wear’ their body painting in public and be photographed for nationally published magazines like Sports Illustrated. Some still find body painting to be controversial because the women typically involved are literally naked, but others feel like the paint covers up enough so as to not be considered as without-apparel.

Body painting takes hours upon hours to complete. Often times the models must lie virtually motionless while the paint is being applied. This requires an incredible amount of patience to endure the waiting, and the suit may be worn for only a few hours time before being removed. Due to the nature of body painting and the elements involved, the artists responsible often get paid very high fees for their temporary creations. Many of those who are wearing this daring kind of new bikini report a strange feeling because they feel as though they are naked, and truly they are. From a distance of more than about ten feel the models appear to be wearing clothes, but when you are close enough you can tell that all of their areas are merely just covered with a type of body paint. This body painting involves an incredible tedious process to create the art.

Body painting is also used to create forms of art on the human body, and not just for high-priced bikinis. Some people use them as artwork when going out and have body painting done to make a statement. There are some websites online that showcase ‘human art’ accomplished through body painting of one or more models. These body painting masterpieces can range from unique to erotic and often are not suitable for younger viewing audiences. Because the models are essentially nude the entire time they are wearing the paint, they are often not allowed in public spaces with the paint on. This can make body painting a somewhat limited approach to coming up with a new bikini type. But simply because of its very daring and provocative nature, body painting will likely continue to gain momentum in the years to come.

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Body paint bikini

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