Serial Killer’s Secret Photos-Maybe You Can Help!

Maybe you can help!

Convicted California serial killer Rodney Alcala has been indicted in the 1970′s murders of two New York women, according to a report. Police in Calif. previously released dozens of photos, including the ones seen here, taken from a storage space rented to Alcala.
After this conviction, Huntington Beach police decided to release some of Alcala’s photos, recovered from a storage space registered to him in Seattle. They also sent over 200 photos whose backgrounds looked like they could have been taken in and around Manhattan to the NYPD.

Please read more at cbsnews maybe you can help
Recognize the person in this photo? Please contact Huntington Beach, Calif. Police Det. Patrick Ellis at 714-375-5066 or
Credit: Huntington Beach Police Dept.

Serial Killer secret photo
Serial Killer photos
Serial killer secret photos 3
serial killer photos
serial killer released photos

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