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As a Sagittarian, you are very positive – a glass half full type of person. This optimism gives you confidence, which you bring to all aspects of you life. You are not daunted by the difficulty of a project that may frighten others. Sometimes, you are over confident, a little too sure of yourself, and things do not always work out the way you thought they would. But this does not deter you because your positive nature impels you to bounce back and to try again.

Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

The zodiac sign for Sagittarius is the Centaur – half man and half beast – in the act of shooting an arrow upwards. Jupiter rules it. In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the father of the Gods, the equivalent of Zeus the King of Gods. The sign is full of power and positive assertion, which fits your character. This gives a wide scope to tattoo designs. A Sagittarius tattoo can be the full image of the Centaur displayed on a back, shoulder, thigh or upper arm. The glyph, or symbol itself, which is an arrow across a line, lends itself to a great variety of designs as this can easily be incorporated into drawings of planets, stars, and flowers. The symbol itself works well as a stand-alone drawing.

Celtic Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

Celtic knot work can add another dimension to your Sagittarius tattoo. Celtic art can connect you to a culture that has strong ties to the universe and mythology through the history of its people. You see never ending possibilities in most situations – the endless knot work could represent that. As soon as one door closes you are looking for another door to open. You know there is always another door. You see life as an adventure with endless opportunities.

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

The bold lines of tribal designs bring out the power behind this zodiac sign. There is power in the action of the Centaur, drawing back the bow; there is power in the connection to Jupiter, King of the Gods. You can make the images very simple – there is power in simplicity – with an arrow drawn in a strong tribal style. Or the arrow can be the centerpiece of a more elaborate image. You have the choice of an arrow, a bow and arrow, the image of the archer or the whole Centaur.

The image of the arrow shooting skywards is an appropriate one for you, as you tend to shoot for the stars, to set big goals and then work hard to achieve them. The arrow could also mean that you like to shoot to the heart of things. You have an inquiring mind and like to get to the bottom of things, to understand how and why things are the way they are. You are not happy to sit back and accept the status quo without finding out why it is so.

The choices for your Sagittarius tattoo are many and varied. You will be able to find that special image to bring our one or more of you interesting and complex personality traits.

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