Weird Funny and Bizarre Tattoos


A tattoo is often a symbol of self-expression. It is something that represents who you are as a person, what you like, and what means something to you personally. Tattoos are a way to show the world a little more about you on a much more permanent basis. Some people opt for serious, dark tattoos such as dragons or pirate ships, while other people prefer to get funny tattoos. Yes, that’s right: funny tattoos. These kinds of tattoos may be much more lighthearted and sometimes get a giggle out of even the most uptight person. There are many different examples of funny tattoos, but perhaps the most common is simply getting a cartoon character tattooed on your body, such as a famous TV or movie cartoon character. Since these characters are some we’ve all grown to know and love, we find these funny tattoos really appealing. Still other examples of funny tattoos may just be simple words and phrases that some people find hilarious.

Funny tattoos don’t always have to be blatantly obvious, however. They can also have hidden meanings, or require people to look a little closer. For example, some people get tattoos of an animal or person around their belly button, and the belly button becomes part of the picture. This can be vulgar sometimes, but if you can imagine it, these funny tattoos are sure to bring laughs. What is funny to some is all in the eye of the beholder. For example, a big, tough biker with a tattoo of a heart and the word “Mom” inside of it may be hilarious to most, but he may consider it a serious symbol. Funny tattoos are usually funny to some, and not funny to others. It often depends more on who is wearing the tattoo which determines how funny it actually is above anything else.

beautiful tattoo for girls
beautiful angel tattoo
Checker tattoo
Cute funny tattoo
girls back dragon tattoo
Butterfly Scarification Tattoo

monkey bottom tattoo
Girl latest trend tattoo

nice tattoo for girls
weird bullet holes tattoos
weird tiger tattoo

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