Lindsay Lohan will start new year out of rehab

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“You have to change your lifestyle,” Judge Fox told the 24-year-old actress during her last court appearance in October. Otherwise, Lohan will destroy her reputation and be “unemployable and uninsurable,” he warned.
If Lohan violates the rules of her rehab program or fails a drug test before her next court date on February 25, she will be sent to jail for 180 days, Judge Fox told her.
Staying clean and sober until then would end Lohan’s supervised probation, and she can “put this long episode behind you,” Fox said.Actress Lindsay Lohan
Lohan’s well publicized clash with a clinic worker earlier this month has not been counted against her.
Lohan acknowledged in a series of Twitter messages in September that she failed the test and has a drug problem.
“Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night,” Lohan wrote. “I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps.”
“She has learned her lesson,” defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told Fox as he agreed to let her out of rehab early on August 25.
“She’s very serious about her sobriety,” Holley said then. “She looks forward to proving to the court that she is taking this seriously.”

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