Jennifer Aniston Blasted

Jennifer Aniston Blasted by Rupert Everett

Beautiful Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston has earned high praise from co-stars in the past – but this week, fellow actor Rupert Everett started talking a bit about Jennifer Aniston’s tendency to be in movies that flop, rather than earning her stripes as one of Hollywood’s finest.

Rupert Everett, now 51 years old, was quoted as saying: “…if you look and analyze the careers of many, many stars, you’ll find that they’re mostly sustained by business…”

“…You’ll find there’s lots of women and lots of men in the business that the powers that be decide are right for their business, and they’ll stand with them for quite a long time…”

He continued with: “…OK, something will go wrong, like Jennifer Aniston will have one too many total flops, but she’s still a member of that club,” Everett said.
“And she will still manage to… like a star forming in the universe, things will swirl around her and it will suddenly solidify into another vital tasteless rom-com, a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula…”

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